About us

Krushr Ltd was founded by Martin Preen (CEO), Sasha Branch and Barry Lewis (Non-Exec Chairman) in 2007 when they commissioned the design of an appliance which would reduce the clutter in his kitchen, and the numerous trips they made to their dustbin. Recycling had gained a firm grip on our national psyche and the cost of waste disposal was clearly only going in one direction. It was in this environment that the idea was formed and the Krushr invented.

In an increasingly consumer-led and global marketplace, with a high demand for reducing one’s carbon footprint, Martin had to choose his Management Team carefully.   Of course he needed people he could trust to develop a quality product.  However those same people not only had to have the business acumen to launch and establish an entirely new concept but also had to have empathy with the “environmentally conscious consumer” being the target market.   And so the team was formed.


 Barry Lewis - Krushr

Barry Lewis (Non-Exec Chairman)

A senior Investment Banking Operations Manager who has been working at Managing Director level at various top quartile banks since the mid 90's.

Martin Preen worked for Barry initially at BZW Securities from 1992 and has subsequently partnered with him on various software developments and entrepreneurial activities.


 Martin Preen - Krushr

Martin Preen (Chief Executive Officer)

A Chartered Accountant and entrepreneur, ex-CEO and founder of B2B Systems plc which was floated on AIM in 2005. Ex-CEO Advanced Handling Group, 2 years after performing a MBO he sold the business to Metalrax plc in 2005 along with Hidrosib SA previously acquired from the Romanian Government in 2003. Prior to this Martin spent six years at BZW in various operational positions including a UK Director of Operations and then European Director of Operations.

 Mandy Foottit - Krushr

Mandy Foottit (Chief Operations Officer)
The latest addition to Krushr’s management team is former practising lawyer, Mandy Foottit. Mandy brings with her trade-mark legal diligence and attention to detail, combined with pragmatism and an irresistible can-do drive honed in a transactional legal environment. Mandy was originally recruited by Martin in 2009 to secure successful exits from other ventures with which he was involved, allowing him to focus on Krushr. With her now proven track record Martin was convinced that Mandy’s skill set would be invaluable in helping him to steer the company to growth in these most challenging of times.


 Matthew Dreaper - Krushr

Matthew Dreaper (Chief Finance Officer)
Matthew Dreaper has been a director of a number of small and medium-sized businesses over the last 12 years. This includes being the Finance Director of Enigma Health, the UK's leading pharmacy software business between 2001 and 2006, and being Managing Director of Smartcellar in 2009.

Matthew was also Group Finance Director of Nucare plc between 2006 and 2008, where he was instrumental in a strategic review and the subsequent trade sale of the Group for £49m. After Nucare, Matthew invested in a number of early-stage technology companies and has worked with the majority of them supporting fund-raising, financial and general management issues. Matthew has also worked for a number of private equity investors during the last 3 years.