Kitchen Recycling Waste Compactor Bags compatible with models K012 and  K018 

  • Strong & durable plastic
  • Increased puncture and tear resistance
  • Custom made to fit K012, K018 
  • Degradable & Recyclable
  • 12 bags per roll


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K012-K018 Bags
24.00 (in)
8.00 (in)
8.00 (in)
Limited Warranty :1 year parts and labour and 1 year parts
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Krushr Compactor Bags

Frances Petkewich on 28th Apr 2022

These are great..fairly easy to insert in compactor, sturdy and holds a lot. Easy to remove from compactor.

awesome fit!

Todd on 26th Jan 2021

Excellent size and perfect fit for the Krushr

KRUSHR Trash Compactor bags

Paula J on 20th Jan 2021

Love my trash compactor and the bags but it takes at least 6 to 8 weeks to receive order. The bags are very strong and worth the cost.

Fits Perfectly

Teveia Rose Barnes on 4th Jan 2021

These are the only bags I will use with my Krushr Compactor. They fit perfectly. No struggles putting in.

bags are too small

Jennifer Seeley on 3rd Dec 2020

3 stars. EXCELLENT customer service. The adhesive used to seal each roll is so strong that I damage the first bag on the roll while trying to open the package; it would be good if there were an additional layer between the adhesive and the actual product. Also, it would be good if some kind of device (e.g., twist-tie) were included for closing the bag once it is full


richard J Kapash on 28th Oct 2020

Difficult to open without damaging the first bag

trash bags

Jeff Nolan on 10th Jul 2020

these are trash bags. They hold trash. I take the trash out to the bin. In these bags. I hope they don’t rip when I do it, so far they have not. They are rectangle shaped, which makes sense because they get used in a rectangle-shaped bin. But they come in a roll. Rectangle bags in a roll. Funny. I buy a lot because I don’t want to run out.