Recycling Waste Compactors

Recycling Waste Compactors

Get Your Kitchen Space Back. Crush Recycling Waste with a Krushr

Please note: The door panel shown is for illustration purposes only.  A stainless steel door is optional or your kitchen supplier will be able to supply a door panel for this appliance to match your kitchen units. 

Why buy a Krushr  Compactor?

Krushr’s recycling waste compactor is an appliance inspired by the global drive for recycling and the ubiquitous US trash compactor. Many do not realise that a traditional trash compactor is actually a hindrance to recycling because mixed waste becomes too heavily compressed to allow easy re-segregation.

Krushr have addressed this problem by limiting compression only to a point at which the waste still readily separates following kerbside collection. In doing so they have taken the opportunity to develop a near-silent appliance that can take pride of place beneath your kitchen counter, providing a disposal point for recyclable waste, with deceptive capacity, right where most of it is generated.

  • Get kitchen space back by crushing recycling waste*
  • Save time with less trips to the bin
  • ‘Hypercrush’ mode means kitchen recycling stays compacted
  • Quiet crushing action means you won’t notice your Krushr

*Reduce 5.5 cubic feet of recycling by 85%* on average

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